Folsom's 93

The Lives and Crimes of Folsom Prison's Executed Men


Can I Get a Woot-Woot?

This morning, I completed writing all 93 stories. I am by no means finished with the book, but I am one step closer. It felt like a milestone I needed to brag about.

My husband, ever so patient, supportive, and understanding, asked with hopefulness: “So, this means you’ll soon stop talking about executions at the dinner table?”

Of course not. It just means I have a entered into the land of revisions where I will trudge through the muck of rogue commas, swim through a sea of extraneous words, and fight off swarms of killer (yet inactive) verbs. That’s all.

I’m lucky I belong to a fabulous critique group whose members have traversed this treacherous land before me, so I know I won’t be journeying alone.

So tell me . . . what’s the best revision and editing advice you’re ever received?

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Folsom’s 93

Folsom prison executed ninety-three men from 1895 to 1937 and Folsom’s 93 will be the first book to profile the lives and crimes of these men, as well as their victims—-in depth.

There are stories to tell. One man’s defense was that the “chatter of the monkeys and parrots” made him kill.  One was dubbed the “Human Tiger” and another killed Sacramento’s “Tenderloin Queen”, a famous demimonde madam.

Browse around, read about some of the men and follow my progress as I continue to embark on research, writing and (hopefully) publishing.

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