Folsom's 93

The Lives and Crimes of Folsom Prison's Executed Men


“Justice for All” Radio Show Interview

Folsom's 93: The Lives and Crimes of Folsom Prison's Executed Men

I’m excited to announce that this Saturday, January 10th, I’ll be talking with George Yates of “Justice for All,” on WHKT out of Chesapeake, VA. Catch it at 2 p.m. EST/12 p.m. MST for the hour-long interview. If you can’t tune in, it’ll likely be posted online. I’ll be sure to update you when that happens. I’m thrilled to be a guest on his show and I’m looking forward to chatting about Folsom’s 93.


Book Signing at Barnes & Noble


For those of you in the area (and needing to spend those B&N gift cards you get for Christmas) . . . I’ll be signing copies of Folsom’s 93 at Barnes & Noble at Centerra in Loveland, CO on January 4, 2014 from 12:00 p.m. to 6 p.m. Come by and chat with me—nothing’s worse than a lonely author sitting all by themselves at a table with no one to talk to. (My family can only take so much before they get bored and find something else to do). Hope to see you there!

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Signing at BookBar in Denver!

I’m excited to announce I’ll be doing a presentation and signing at BookBar in Denver at 7:30 p.m. on NOVEMBER 16.  Located at 4280 Tennyson St., BookBar, an independent bookseller that is also a wine bar. Books and wine? Yes, please! If you’re in the area, I hope you can stop by; I’d love to see you there.